Choreographing Events

As an experienced dance teacher and choreographer across a number of genres, Brandon is able to help you look great for your event, including weddings, parties, or other social events.

Brandon provides instruction for those with ‘two left feet’ all the way to experienced dancers. He can provide dance instruction for your improvisation, or choreograph to a song of your choice from top-to-bottom.

Wedding choreography is designed to be romantic and fun. If you’d prefer a slow, elegant dance to parade your dress, or an upbeat number involving your entire wedding party, get in touch!


For questions or to get a quote, send a message to or call +356 9932 8094.


Brandon is a long-time tango and contemporary dance instructor and dancer, and has also taught latin and ballroom dance. He has choreographed in many dance styles and for age groups ranging from adolescents to elderly communities.


Editing, Coaching, and Content Writing

As an experienced editor and writing coach/advisor, Brandon has overseen everything from chapter submissions by professors to BA and MA essays and theses. He is accepting some work for writing intended for publication (i.e., not university assignments).

Brandon is responsible for the content and design of this website, and is accepting some specialized content work.

Creativity Workshops

Along with poet Miriam Calleja and percussionist Michael Galea, Brandon leads workshops that foster creativity and teamwork in the work environment. Please contact for more details.


To learn about Pilates sessions, click here.