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The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance is Out!

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Practical Research: Partnering Pedagogy and Limón Technique

Brandon has been undertaking some pedagogical research into teaching Limón technique to dancers without previous Limón experience. This aspect of the class was themed around the drops, and students were placed back-to-back to attain a sense of Limón concepts of Sequencing, Highest Point, and Suspension, as well as maintaining alignment in the sagittal or vertical planes.

Back-to-back Spinal sequencing


Brandon is currently nose-deep in writing his next book, tentatively titled “We must have you dance” Choreographic Rendings of Romeo and Juliet. After conducting interviews with Sylvia Glasser, Jessica Nupen, and Mandla Sunnyboy Motao for his chapter on Rebellion & Johannesburg: Romeo and Juliet, he is re-working his article “Effacing Rebellion and Righting the Slanted: Declassifying the Archive of MacMillan’s (1965) and Shakespeare’s (1597) Romeo and Juliets” for inclusion as a chapter.


Brandon is preparing a series of online lectures of early 20th century dance. The focus is on interactions between African American vernacular and staged dance, the Diaghilev circle, South Asian dance, early American modern dance, and the beginnings of German Expressionist dance.

He is also preparing an online lectures on Functional Anatomy for Pilates as part of a multi-part online Pilates tutorial series.

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