Introduction to Dance Studies Bibliography

This is a bibliography of some of the major scholarly sources in Dance Studies and related fields. It collects nearly 2,000 entries, housing most of the amazing research that’s been produced over the years.

The bibliography includes all articles (not reviews) from Dance Research Journal and Dance Research. Searches have been made for “dance” in the titles of articles for the journals including: Theatre Journal, Signs, Asian Theatre Journal, TDR, and Women & Performance. Obviously this is not a perfect method, so please alert me to important Dance Studies articles which are not included.

The bibliography will grow and be edited. Most immediately I will be adding chapters from multi-authored volumes.

Preference has been given to books over articles when articles have been incorporated as chapters in the books. I have also tended not to include articles from dance pedagogy or dance science, or genres (e.g., Contact Improvisation) that have journals dedicated to them.

How to use it

If you’re researching, just do a search (Ctl/Cmd F) for the word you’re looking for and boom! you’ll find articles with that word in the title. Most of these also have links to the articles, though you’ll probably need to go through a university to get access.

I’d be grateful if you’d please notify me of any errors or important sources that are missing. Thanks!

How to help out

If you’d like to suggest some entries, please send me a message below. If you have Bibtex files ready to go, that’s great.

I’m also happy to take on some editing help if you’re so inclined. I’d like this to have all necessary information (e.g., publication places) and to be downloadable in one’s preferred style. It’s a mammoth task. Again, send me a message.

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