Franklin 2.0

In this Franklin 2.0 workshop, I took several solo exercises from the Franklin Method and arranged them for duo work. This has a number of benefits.

Modified coupé exercise
  • Constant partnering: Partnering enhances your proprioception and exteroception. In exercises like this, communication with your parter can increase or decrease your tension. Also, working with someone is much more fun. (If you’re laughing, you’re breathing)
  • Instead of the increase in tension at the peak extension that you get when stretching a theraband, the resistance is consistent throughout the exercises, and also in the beginnings of the exercises, where you don’t have tension from the elastic bands.
  • The therabands take on a “forgiving” nature. Unlike something like rope, there is not a 1 : 1 ratio to the movement; this allows each person a bit more independence.
Franklin’s pie exercise
Modified coupé exercise

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